SEG Business Model

Supporting Education Group is an agile entrepreneurial business in the education services sector. Group companies operate under a common strategy, each with their own autonomous management teams devising and managing their plans for growth and market leadership.

We combine successfully the unique offerings of each brand to represent a Supporting Education Group set of services that are more than the sum of the parts.

Collaboration, joint business development and the sharing of innovations and ideas come together under a collegiate management philosophy, supported by Group investment and resources.

We hold a unique market position always focussed on the needs of our stakeholders.

Shareholder Value & Goals

Creating shareholder value comes from our current capabilities and aspirations:

  • Being a leader in our markets
  • Delivering consistent growth in financial performance
  • Providing international services
  • Creating a business of scale
  • Having dominant technology and digital services
  • Retaining the best talent in the sector
  • Operating in education ethically and with empathy