Workforce Resourcing

“Making a positive difference to pupil outcomes and school efficiency”

Supporting Education Group is the market leader in the workforce resourcing market for schools. Our businesses work with thousands of schools and educators to deliver teaching, support and interventions for pupils across the country

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Protocol Education

Education Support Services

“Helping every child access an excellent education in a well-managed school”

Supporting Education Group provides schools and educators professional training and development, business management and technology services. Each brand is a leader in their market, driven to ensure talent is developed and school operations run efficiently.

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“A multi-channel tuition provider of teaching and learning support for students at every stage of their education journey”

Supporting Education Group provides tuition services to parents, schools and local authorities. Offering access to qualified teachers and tutors both live online and in-person, we have the UK’s largest tutoring workforce using first-class resources and content. Our technology platform and digital tools are unrivalled in the market.

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