Our Strategy & Capabilities

“To build a global education services enterprise providing a range of human capital and support services to educational institutions, families and students”


At Supporting Education Group, we are building an international education services enterprise that will support, influence and enrich the education of young people in our society. The services and solutions we offer are delivered by our operating companies, under their market-leading brands, by management and staff with expertise and specialist skills in their fields.

Direct Teaching & Learning

Helping pupils, schools and parents access the teaching and resources to meet learning objectives and improve education outcomes. Our companies provide services that directly shape the progress of a young person at every stage of their education journey.

Enhancement & Enrichment

Our services support the training & development of educators, enhancing their teaching and school management skills; by providing qualifications for school leaders, teachers and teaching assistants. Our services also work with schools to assess education, special needs and well-being priorities for pupils and provide the interventions required.

Digital & Technology

Our digital tools, technology and data provision underpin the services we provide. Whether it be workforce planning, online learning, school management systems, access to content and resources or communication channels, our digital capability blends with the face-to-face element essential in education.

Efficiency & Advisory

We recognise the connection between well-managed schools and efficient local authority services with effective teaching and learning. Our breadth of expertise in education management and business services helps underpin the key operational practices and policies essential to make the best use of budgets and create stable environments required to support education.

Culture & Values

  • Passion for education – we strive to make a difference through empathy, understanding and our long term commitment to the sector
  • People at the heart of everything we do – our clients, educators, staff and investors are all valued and respected as we aim to meet each of their needs
  • Entrepreneurial spirit – we commit to leading the market and delivering through our agility, innovation and continuous improvement to services
  • Collaboration – as strategic partners, we work closely with our customers to help them meet their education and management objectives